• DST 360 + TRI120

    Transform your X-series DISTO into a professional measurement station. 
    The DST 360 is an intelligent adapter that transforms your DISTO X3 or X4 into a real measurement station, allowing you to accurately measure distances between any two points—what we call Point to Point measurement—from one position.

    Designed for Point-to-Point (P2P) measurements. 
    When you use a DISTO X3 or X4 with the DST 360, your DISTO can combine rotation, angle, and distance data to produce highly accurate P2P measurements, which allows you to accurately measure distances between any two points from a third position.

    Take accurate 3D point measurements. 
    Your DISTO X3 or X4 in combination with the DST 360 and the DISTO Plan App allow you to measure 3 dimensional points. X, Y and Z coordinates are recorded and can be exported into CAD.

    AED د.إ3,493.35د.إ3,517.50 Retail Price

    DST 360 + TRI120

    AED د.إ3,493.35د.إ3,517.50 Retail Price
  • Leica DISTO D1

    The original. Simple, two-button operation. 
    The Leica DISTO D1 is our most basic, easy-to-use laser distance meter for quick and accurate interior measurements. Turn the D1 on, press the ON/DIST button, and you have an accurate measurement.

    Accurate, far-reaching, and lightweight.
    With a range of 130 feet (39m) and accuracy to 1/16th of an inch (2mm), the D1 has you covered for basic indoor measurement tasks. Compact and lightweight, the D1 is perfect for measuring at awkward angles or while handling other tools.

    AED د.إ456.75د.إ472.50 Retail Price

    Leica DISTO D1

    AED د.إ456.75د.إ472.50 Retail Price
  • Leica DISTO D110

    3 measurements, one LDM. 
    The Leica DISTO D110 is a versatile laser distance meter with three measuring modes: single measurement, permanent measurement, and area. With 200′ range (60m) and 1/16th” accuracy (2mm), the D110 can measure structures and spaces with speed and certified accuracy.

    Slim and lightweight. 
    The D110 weighs 3 1/4 ounces and can fit in your pocket. The horizontal display is easy to read while taking quick measurements, even of square footage. And Bluetooth® connectivity allows the D110 to send measurements to mobile apps as you take them.

    AED د.إ726.60د.إ745.50 Retail Price

    Leica DISTO D110

    AED د.إ726.60د.إ745.50 Retail Price
  • Leica DISTO D2

    Our newest take on the classic Leica DISTO D2. 
    The Leica DISTO D2 is a 7 measurement mode laser distance meter. A fully-featured LDM that’s designed for multiple purposes, the D2 is easy to operate and builds on the D1 with more functions, higher accuracy at 1.5mm (rounds to 1/32″), and greater range at 100m (330′).

    Good value. Great features and functionality. 
    The D2 offers multiple modes of measurement that are useful for many different kinds of projects: distance, min/max, permanent, stake-out, add/subtract, area, and volume, and it includes painter and Pythagoras functions. An intelligent endpiece enables you to measure accurately from outside or inside corners, including diagonal measurements. The D2 calculates area and volume, and remembers the last 10 measurements taken. And a back-lit LCD screen makes it easy to read while you’re on the job.


    AED د.إ842.10د.إ871.50 Retail Price

    Leica DISTO D2

    AED د.إ842.10د.إ871.50 Retail Price
  • Leica DISTO D510

    A DISTO for the pros. 
    With 14 measurement modes, Smart Horizontal, Bluetooth®, IP65 rating, drop tested at 2 meters, and a range of 660’ (200m), the D510 is a DISTO that’s truly built for professional measuring tasks on large, active job sites that require a high-performance LDM.

    More functions to get the job done. 
    The D510 can handle many types of measurement tasks that AEC professionals regularly need to complete. It covers the basics but also includes more advanced features, like Smart Horizontal and Height Tracking. And it excels at complex measurements such as our Trapezium Function, which allows you to measure the slope, length, and area of a roof from one location.


    AED د.إ2,455.95د.إ2,467.50 Retail Price

    Leica DISTO D510

    AED د.إ2,455.95د.إ2,467.50 Retail Price
  • Leica DISTO D810 touch

    The first DISTO with a touchscreen.
    Smartphone…or DISTO? With a full-color touchscreen interface, the D810 touch is designed to be as easy to use as possible while keeping up with the most demanding jobs. Use your fingers to control the zoom on the pointfinder camera. But don’t worry, we didn’t leave you without buttons—when your hands are dirty or wet, you can still get a firm grasp on the job at hand.

    Take a picture and measure within it.
    The D810’s exclusive Measure in Picture (MIP) technology can determine the height, width, area, diameter, or circumference of an object in a picture taken by the D810. Bracket your target using pointers on the touch screen to remotely measure the width of a first story window, the area of a billboard, or the diameter of an above-ground tank.

    AED د.إ3,532.20د.إ3,549.00 Retail Price

    Leica DISTO D810 touch

    AED د.إ3,532.20د.إ3,549.00 Retail Price
  • Leica DISTO S910

    A universal measurement tool. Our Master DISTO. 
    The DISTO S910 features the best of LDM technology from Leica Geosystems. It can measure the distance between multiple points from one location. It has a Smart Base for even more measuring options and functions. It can export data to CAD. And it has WLAN, Bluetooth®, and USB connectivity. Simply put, the S910 is our Master DISTO.

    Onboard point-to-point measurement from a single location. 
    When you use the S910, you won’t need a ladder because the S910 has Point-to-Point (P2P) measurement technology built in. The S910 will compute the distance between two points, regardless of height or angle. You can also take multiple P2P measurements to measure complex planes, such as roofs.


    AED د.إ7,681.80د.إ7,696.50 Retail Price

    Leica DISTO S910

    AED د.إ7,681.80د.إ7,696.50 Retail Price
  • Leica DISTO X3

    A DISTO that’s perfect for tough construction sites. 
    The DISTO X3 has the same rugged design as the e7400x—IP65, drop tested at 2 meters—and it has a rotatable display which makes taking awkward measurements easier and more ergonomic. It also has greater range at 490’ (150m), so it can go the distance.

    It’s got brawn and brains, too. 
    The X3 is a tough DISTO, but it’s also smart. It includes our Smart Horizontal feature with an on-board tilt sensor so you can measure over and around obstacles. It also has Bluetooth® so you can transfer your measurements to your computer or tablet—and you can use it with the DISTO Plan App for iOS and Android.

    AED د.إ1,264.20د.إ1,281.00 Retail Price

    Leica DISTO X3

    AED د.إ1,264.20د.إ1,281.00 Retail Price
  • Leica DISTO X4

    A DISTO designed for bright, outdoor environments. 
    Measuring outside often? The DISTO X4 improves on the X3 by adding a pointfinder camera, which lets you aim your DISTO’s laser point using the full color, high-resolution display—simply line up your desired measurement point in the on-display crosshairs and you’ll get a precise measurement.

    Just as smart and just as comfortable to use. 
    Auto-rotating display. On-board tilt sensor for Smart Horizontal. Includes Bluetooth® for transferring measurements to your computer or mobile device. And it works seamlessly with our DISTO Plan App.

    AED د.إ1,725.15د.إ1,743.00 Retail Price

    Leica DISTO X4

    AED د.إ1,725.15د.إ1,743.00 Retail Price
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