• Eclipse Holesaw

    Professional tool for commercial or occasional use HSS Hole saw Suitable for cutting holes in a wide range of materials including mild steel / stainless steel / cast iron / brass / aluminium / wood / plastics / copper UPVC / Acrylic glass / Bronze etc. HSS Bimetal cutter Dimensions of the hole saw 41mm / 15/8″ Depth of the hole saw 45mm Eclipse Hole saw cutter. Manufactured from high quality steel with M3 cutting edge for fast clean heavy duty cutting action To make this work a Holesaw Arbor is required Holesaw is primarily used with a power drill where the Holesaw is used along with the Arbor

    AED د.إ16د.إ120 Retail Price

    Eclipse Holesaw

    AED د.إ16د.إ120 Retail Price
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